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The Fraank Band

Zoot Wilson

zoot wilson
Double CD

The N-Zones
John Gibbons John Gibbons
sings his timely tune
"Oh Well AOL"
Pine Island Bluegrass Band- circa 1978

Pine Island Bluegrass Band

The legendary Vt. bluegrass band with Gordon Stone(website), Tim McKenzie, David Gusakov, Jim Ryan and Jim McGinniss.
Lakemont Studio
Steve Goodrich labors with love to help Vermont independent musicians produce their music, and expose it on the Internet via the "cyber studio"  that he's developing. kelley_tmb.jpg (11488 bytes)

Michael Kelley
And A Cast
Of Sacred Fools

Aliens In My Bathtub

Paintings by Chris Newhardt

Abair.com contains links to information about the entertainment activities provided by The Abair Family of Vermont. They include: Dave Abair's website; Carol's website and her Close to Home CD; Chris the Storyteller and Leddy Poem Home; and Casey Fiddles with Hunter Robertson.

Classic Poetry
"Out Loud"
Video Gallery

Chris Abair does ...
Robert Frost
Robert Service
George A. Leddy

Colleen McLaughlin
shares her
"Art For Peace Sake"

Collen McLaughlin shares her Art ...
Fellow Traveler Anthony Santoro and Scott Wilson join in Fellow Traveler with other musicians in their journey to keep traditional Irish music alive in Vermont.
Jason Clark in graphic art and sculpture Jason W. Clark
exhibits his
  Brush & Ink and
Lithograph Illustrations

Mike Pelkey ...
Mike Pelkey

- is The Hard Luck Kid and his Hard Luck CD and his Hard Luck band with Dan Birdsall, Matt Nerbak and Jim Cheney.

- presents Burlington, Vermont's Friends of Friends CD with contributions from David E. Gravelin, Craig Hurwitz, Oxo, Linda Bassick, Dave Nerbak, Paul DouseMichael M. King,  and Marc Brisson.

- joins Oxo and Christine Zizza in performances on WCAX TV.

Paul Douse - King of the World
P A U L   D O U S E

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