Jimmy Ryan - Soon after his stint in Pine Island, Jimmy became a member of Zzebra with Gordon Stone. Jimmy and Gordon soon joined forces witli Brett Hughes, Pamela Polston and Peter Torre to form The Decentz. In 1989, Jimmy formed the Blood Oranges, termed "Boston's first punk bluegrass band". The line-up included ex-Pinhead Mark Spencer. The Blood Oranges released three CD's. Jimmy then teamed up with John McGann, Matt Glaser and others to form the Beacon Hillbillies. This band took a more traditional approach, but included originals as well as traditional fare. At least one CD was released. In 1996, Jimmy and Mark Spencer teamed up again to form Wooden Leg. They released a self-titled CD.

Jimmy Ryan has recorded with a variety of solo acts and groups, including Morphine, Warren Zevon, Catie Curtis, Cheri Knight and Brooks Williams. Recently, Jimmy has toured with Catie Curtis, whom the New Yorker has deemed a "...folk-rock goddess.. ."

The Blood Oranges have reunited in recent years and a CD is rumored to be on the horizon. They have recorded a Stanley Bros. tune, "The Master's Bouquet", for the soundtrack of a film entitled The Slaughter Rule. In 2002, Jimmy released his solo CD Lost Diamond Angel, which features guest appearances by Billy Conway and Dana Colley, formerly of Morphine, Catie Curtis, Russ Gershon, Duke Levine, John McGann, Christian McNeill, and Jeff Berlin and Jeremy Dryden of the Boston based band Hybrasil.

Jimmy Ryan is known in the alt-country scene, and has gained a solid reputation in the bluegrass world for his fluid, instrumental abilities. Jim embodies what is meant when the word "roots" is used to describe someone's playing, writing and singing. Jimmy Ryan also performs on the mandocello and the 5-string electric mandolin.